At the cottage, life is surrounded by trees and constrained by the sun’s coming and going. Especially going. In these pictures, it’s going behind some trees.

What happened was, I was sitting on the deck and moved my chair so the sun wouldn’t be so painfully dazzling, and decided it looked kind of neat trying to squirm around the edges of the big evergreen trunks.

This first picture features a coffee cup and what must be a woodland visitor out of Færie.

Sun behind trees, with coffee cup and visitor

Then I thought that the scene had too much apparatus, and tried to subtract everything but the sun and trees and mountain.

Sun behind trees

Maybe that was too many; how about the sun behind just one tree?

Sun behind tree

All very well and good, but I felt bad without including a photo of the heretofore behind-the-scenes star (literally) of the show.

Sun setting on a wooded mountain


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From: Tony Fisk (Jul 06 2010, at 07:09)

I rather like the triptych effect the trees make with the background in the second photo.


From: John Hart (Jul 06 2010, at 07:48)


I'll be spending 3 days on Galiano Island mid-August, following by 3 more in Vancouver (we live in Seattle but are taking a mini-vaca with some friends from the East Coast).

Looking forward to that Gulf Island goodness. This has been a painfully slow start to summer, but hopefully we'll get a couple months of goodness starting ... now?


From: BWJones (Jul 06 2010, at 07:59)

Tim, this place looks absolutely idyllic. I am thinking of my trip up to Kyuquot and images like this are a great reminder of how beautiful the Pacific Northwest is. P.S. love the coffee cup shot.


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