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Vertical Shadow Slices · As­sign­ment for Dai­lyshoot 109 on 2010/03/04: “Striped pat­terns have a nat­u­ral pat­tern that catch­es the eye. Find some stripes to­day and make a photo.” ...
System 9 · I own too much stuff and have be­gun to hate my pos­ses­sion­s. I love a few things stil­l, no­tably not in­clud­ing any com­put­er tech­nol­o­gy, some of which can be ad­mired for a brief pe­ri­od be­fore it is su­per­seded, and I en­joy help­ing that pro­cess along. The things I love in­clude a few pic­tures, some book­s, but most­ly hand-made ar­ti­facts that pro­duce mu­sic: chief among these would be my cel­lo (although that re­la­tion­ship has be­come com­plex), my djembé, and my record play­er. I know it’s a “record player” be­cause I bought it from the man at record­play­er.­com; please fol­low that link be­fore mov­ing on ...
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