Today I resigned from Sun/Oracle — the official integration date here in Canada is March 1st, so I won’t ever have actually been an Oracle employee. I’m not currently looking for another job. I’ll write some looking-back and looking-forward stories when I’ve got a little perspective. I can’t say enough good things about the people at Sun — and outsiders with whom I worked — over the past few years. Thanks for enriching my life! [Update: Contact info].

There are a lot of people who’ve been contacting me via my Sun email address and it’s now gonzo. Since 1997 (and likely till I’m in my grave) my permanent email has been on on exhibit on the front page of the XML Specification.


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From: Alan (Feb 26 2010, at 16:07)

I hope your further endeavors bring you as much insight as reading your technical writings has brought me.


From: Mike Gale (Feb 26 2010, at 16:30)

I presume you've got enough FU money to keep going.

I hope you have a great time and make some contributions that you personally find satisfying.

Well done.


From: Jeremy Zawodny (Feb 26 2010, at 16:46)

Wow, I'm guessing there's something else that has your interest now. I look forward to read about it.

Enjoy what I hope is some needed time off.


From: Robert Young (Feb 26 2010, at 17:16)

I have to say, I'm not all that surprised. The list no longer includes your original posting (unless there's some special way) saying that Oracle had offered you an acceptable position. I don't remember whether I posted at the time, but I know I couldn't figure out what Oracle would do with the onlie begetter of xml. I guess I was right.

Which raises the question: will this divorce have any material effect on the propagation of xml? We live in interesting times.


From: Joel Parker Henderson (Feb 26 2010, at 18:19)

Congratulations on your time at Sun, from a former employee. Thank you for all your work, ideas, and inspiration. Cheers!


From: Tony Fisk (Feb 26 2010, at 18:37)

All the best, Tim.

You seem to have all the right attributes of a cat that can land on its feet (except maybe the 'passionate' bit, which the cynic in me has come to regard as agency-speak for 'under 30'. Little do they know, eh?)

Definitely take some time out to appreciate how and why you work in the first place. It's still a tough market out there and, speaking from experience, striving too hard will only wear you out.


From: Andrew Janke (Feb 26 2010, at 21:47)

Best of luck on your next steps. I've really enjoyed your writing and photography over the last year.


From: Gavin (Feb 27 2010, at 00:23)

Good luck Tim,

please keep ongoing going on.


From: Constantin Gonzalez (Feb 27 2010, at 01:12)

Hi Tim,

sorry to hear that Oracle's not the place for you. Perhaps this is the right time to start that book you were talking about?

Looking forward to reading more about your future endeavors!

All the best and good luck!




From: Marco Gralike (Feb 27 2010, at 04:19)

Your input on, amongst others XML within the Oracle realm, will be dearly missed. Looking forward towards your next quest.



From: PB (Feb 27 2010, at 08:15)

Best wishes. Looking forward to your perspective, both backwards and forwards.

P.S. Who is going to blog about a good Vancouver-based person looking for an interesting gig? ;-)


From: Carl Forde (Feb 27 2010, at 22:14)

Whatever you choose to do, I hope you continue to writing about the topics that interest you.

Happy trails, wherever they lead.



From: Bob Foster (Feb 27 2010, at 22:16)



From: Brian Aker (Feb 28 2010, at 17:07)


Congratulations on joining the world of "what's next"!




From: Pat Patterson (Mar 01 2010, at 08:34)

Best of luck for the future, Tim!

Looking forward to seeing where you next pitch your tent :-)


From: Ron Ten-Hove (Mar 02 2010, at 17:26)


It was a pleasure working with you. In the spirit of the recent closing ceremonies in Van, "long may you run".


From: Floyd Marinescu (Mar 04 2010, at 15:01)

Congrats on following your heart and I hope you find a lot of interesting things to work on with your new spare time. Thanks for all the QCon keynotes you're always welcome back. :)


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