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Hair Extension Patriotism · As­sign­ment for Dai­lyshoot 92 on 2010/02/15: “It's Pres­i­dents Day in the U.S to­day. Make a pho­to with a pa­tri­ot­ic theme for the coun­try you call home. ” ...
HTML5 · It’s all over the news these days, be­cause it’s A Good Thing: the Web will be smarter and faster and bet­ter. And for oth­er rea­sons in­volv­ing pol­i­tics and vi­tu­per­a­tion. I love parts of HTML5, but it’s clear that oth­er parts are a sci­ence pro­jec­t. And as a some­time stan­dards wonk, I’m puz­zled by as­pects of the way the spec (not the lan­guage, the spec for the lan­guage) is put to­geth­er ...
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