Young men’s fancy turns to thoughts of, well, it depends.

It’s been well into the Celsius teens in recent days, with splashes of sun. Certain public-spirited young women leap at the chance to celebrate by way of a short skirt. I’m young enough to appreciate that, but old enough to be a gardener.

February crocuses

After all, the short skirts and these vibrant colors are closely related in their intended function.

For the younger men, specifically my own 10½-year-old, the season’s thoughts are of videogames. I succumbed Sunday morning to intense lobbying and took him and his friend off to the mall to visit the local EB Games AKA GameStop for some swapping and shopping. The secondary market for games has a liquidity that approaches foreign-exchange trading, and on this particular Sunday morning my boy made a major score; the obscure Wii title he was trading in was “on promo”, so the obscure Wii used title he took home cost him only C$1.11, net. I’m sure his whole class will hear of this triumph.

Like most parents, I find my son exceptionally good-looking. Objectively, he has tumbling curly hair and strongly-colored eyes that match it; he’s already complaining about being pestered by the girls in his fifth-grade class.

His best friend is remarkably similar in size, and in his curls and coloration; strangers often think them twins. The two of them walking side by side, their faces alive with the joy of their aftermarket coup, presented quite a picture; entirely oblivious to the wide wave of smiles coming from all ages and genders.

Ah, spring.


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From: Jim Raden (Feb 09 2010, at 02:04)

I'm jealous of your weather. It's really in the teens somewhere in Canada? You must be talking about BC. Here in the east it's in the teens only if you're talking Fahrenheit; definitely a depressing below-zero when you reckon in Celsius. Enjoy your weather!

On the bright side, less time outside means more time to read blogs? Nah. I'd rather have good weather.


From: Michael Kozakewich (Feb 14 2010, at 12:51)

It's still February in Winterpeg. I expect the snow to melt in another two months.

Those crocuses do come up early, though, and will need some photos taken.


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