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Tricolor · Assignment for Dailyshoot 73 on 2010/01/27: “Take something common--an object, building, or landscape--and compose an abstract composition with it.” ...
Nothing Creative · Compared to my laptop, the iPad lacks a keyboard, software development tools, writers’ tools, photographers’ tools, a Web server, a camera, a useful row of connectors for different sorts of wires, and the ability to run whatever software I choose. Compared to my Android phone, it lacks a phone, a camera, pocketability, and the ability to run whatever software I choose. Compared to the iPad, my phone lacks book-reading capability, performance, and screen real-estate. Compared to the iPad, my computer lacks a touch interface and suffers from excessive weight and bulk ...
Sun/Oracle Strategy Session · I’m live-tweeting the session, but Twitter is in trouble, I don’t see anyone’s tweets but my own, and I guess mine are going into a black hole for most people who follow me. There is some news here, which you can see (I believe) by keeping an eye on @timbray.
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