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Arts & Crafts · As­sign­ment for Dai­lyshoot 71 on 2010/01/25: “Right (90-degree) an­gles can help de­fine a com­po­si­tion. Make a pho­to­graph in­volv­ing in­ter­sect­ing lines. (@­lyzadan­ger) ” ...
Teachable Moments · My son, who’s just start­ed “Computer Labs” at school, came home all ea­ger to tell us about this “Google” thing on the In­ter­net. So far, we haven’t par­tic­u­lar­ly en­cour­aged com­put­er use at home. We got in­to an in­ter­est­ing fam­i­ly talk which was re­port­ed back to the teacher, then Lau­ren and I found our­selves in­vit­ed to come in and teach the In­ter­net to the class. So we set up scratch blog­ging space; this end­ed up be­ing in­struc­tive both for them and us ...
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