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Seventies vintage, from Belgium · As­sign­ment for Dai­lyshoot 65 on 2010/01/19: “Make an in­ter­est­ing pho­to of a mode of trans­porta­tion to­day: car, plane, bi­cy­cle, sub­way, or what­ev­er you like!” ...
Power Web Site · I pro­pose a new def­i­ni­tion. A site which is de­signed as the pri­ma­ry Web prop­er­ty for a per­son, place, or thing is a pow­er site if the per­son, place, or thing has a Wikipedia en­try but, in pop­u­lar search en­gi­nes, the site ranks above that Wikipedia en­try. There aren’t very many. But they fol­low sim­ple pat­tern­s ...
On the Blankness of Google · To­day, with­out plan­ning to, I vis­it­ed the Google home page, then al­so Ya­hoo and Bing. They don’t look like each oth­er at al­l. I think, first of al­l, that Ya­hoo is the past, Google the pre­sen­t, Bing the fu­ture. And sec­ond, that it doesn’t mat­ter much ...
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