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On Baked Potatoes · I re­cent­ly re­marked “There are very few foods in­deed that com­pare with a high-quality Rus­set pota­to, prop­er­ly baked.” A voice in the com­ments won­dered “And what do you call ‘properly baked’?” A harm­less enough ques­tion, but then alu­mini­um foil was men­tioned; shud­der. Please don’t do that. Here’s how to bake pota­toes cor­rect­ly ...
Concur.next & WF2 — Tuning Concurrent Clojure · I’ve been work­ing on, and writ­ing about, run­ning Clo­jure Wide Fin­der code. But I was nev­er sat­is­fied with the ab­so­lute per­for­mance num­ber­s. This is a write-up in some de­tail as to how I made the code faster and al­so slow­er, in­clud­ing lessons that might be use­ful to those work­ing on Clo­jure specif­i­cal­ly, con­cur­ren­cy more gen­er­al­ly, and with some in­ter­est­ing da­ta on Ja­va garbage col­lec­tion and JDK7 ...
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