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Oddball Beet Salad · Last week­end, friends were about and we went to the mar­ket and I made lurid bi­coloured sal­ad for the ball­game and it was all good. With pic­tures and a recipe ...
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Concur.next — Tab Sweep · Be­ing a bas­ket of concurrency-related morsels too short to stand alone and to long to tweet ...
Concur.next — Idiomatic Clojure · I’m start­ing to wind down my Clo­jure re­search, but I’m feel­ing a lit­tle guilty about hav­ing ex­posed peo­ple to my klunky Lisp-newbie code, per­haps giv­ing a false im­pres­sion of how the lan­guage feel­s. So I’d like to show you what it looks like when it’s cre­at­ed by some­one who’s ac­tu­al­ly part of the tribe and thinks in it more na­tive­ly than I prob­a­bly ev­er will ...
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