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Vision Hackers · It wor­ries me that, as a res­i­dent of Van­cou­ver off-and-on since 1983, I am en­gaged so much on the In­ter­net and so lit­tle in my home-town. My lo­cal out­ings have been lim­it­ed to mu­sic, children’s sport­s, and din­ing out with friend­s. I’m at­tempt­ing to be­come more lo­cal and have thus re­cent­ly be­come a mem­ber of two or­ga­ni­za­tion­s: the Van­cou­ver Hack Space (Mot­to: Down with Be­ta­max! <snicker>) and Vi­sion Van­cou­ver. They aren’t like each oth­er at al­l ...
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Green Phone · I’ve no­ticed that hav­ing an An­droid in my pock­et makes me more like­ly to take pub­lic tran­sit around town as op­posed to driv­ing. Yeah, it takes a lit­tle longer, but it’s not down­time; I can be catch­ing up on email and ad­min work and so on. A huge amount of most people’s work­load is man­age­able giv­en any­thing with a de­cent email client and browser ...
Concur.next — No Free Lunch · In which the ac­tu­al costs of run­ning con­cur­rent­ly are ex­am­ined, and seem shock­ing­ly high ...
Not Driving · Re­cent­ly, I’ve been tak­ing pub­lic tran­sit around town more and more. The ad­vent of the Cana­da Line is one rea­son, and an­oth­er is that since I’ve been car­ry­ing the Android-flavored In­ter­net in my pock­et, trav­el time isn’t nec­es­sar­i­ly down­time. Plus, as I steer thou­sands of pounds of steel and glass and so on around town, the pro­por­tion of my mind that’s think­ing about carbon-loading keeps in­creas­ing un­nerv­ing­ly ...
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