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Concur.next — C vs. P · There are ripples spreading across the concurrency pond, some provoked by this series, and there’s this one issue that keeps coming up: “Concurrency” vs. “Parallelism”. It is asserted that they’re not the same thing, and that this is important ...
Lenses · I got a big chuckle out of What Type of Photographer Are You? by Gordon Lewis (AKA Shutterfinger). He chronicles a few common lens-related pathologies observed among photographers. Which made me realise that I’ve really been enjoying taking pictures recently. The current selection of lenses meets my needs and fits in a pretty small camera-bag; I don’t feel the need for any more. So I thought I’d share my current inventory, with a slide-show highlighting what each can do. Someone might find it useful, and it might provoke some real photographers to tell their stories, which I’d sure find interesting ...
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