I almost never run wildlife photos here, but I did yesterday and here’s another, of a cute little part-yellow bird I saw flitting around in the bushes near Lake Okanagan. With a note for photo-geeks.

Part yellow bird near Lake Okanagan

I’ll be unsurprised if some erudite reader fills in the species.

Photogeekery · I didn’t have a real telephoto and this guy was a ways away, so I had to crop the image way down. Thus, if you click on it to see the enlarged version, you’re looking at a 1:1 crop; the pixels on your screen are (modulo a little Lightroom sharpening and white-balancing), the pixels off the camera sensor.

Which is something you normally don’t want to do and yes, the picture’s a little soft. That it’s usable at all is a tribute to the quality of the sensor in the K20D but even more to the awesome power of the DA* 50-135mm, here cranked right out to 135mm and right open to f2.8. It’s a hell of a lens.


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From: kjw (Jul 31 2009, at 00:33)

It looks good for a female American goldfinch (Carduelis tristis) in breeding plumage.


From: Clayton O'Neill (Jul 31 2009, at 08:26)

Not sure why, but the yellow on the 100% crop actually seems more vivid than the crop in the post.


From: Lee (Jul 31 2009, at 14:54)

Not a goldfinch; the beak is all wrong (goldfinches have a very pyramidal-shaped beak; this is longer and pointed).

I think some sort of wren, but I'm weak on wrens.


From: Scott Fraser (Jul 31 2009, at 18:28)

Hi there.

This appears to be a female Oriole, specific species TBD. If you took this out East I would call it a female Baltimore Oriole. But since this was taken at Okanagan Lake I am not so sure as I don't know if they are out there.

Bullock's Oriole is up there but it doesn't look quite right: http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Bullocks_Oriole/id

Here is a Baltimore Oriole page:


Pictures of female Baltimore Orioles:


Okanagan Lake is on the edge of the Baltimore Oriole range.

Some birders might also see what looks like a Blue-winged Warbler, but it is not that:


I have pinged some birder friends to see if anyone else has thoughts.


From: Scott Fraser (Jul 31 2009, at 20:28)

Based on some tips from others, and a little more thinking, I am starting to lean toward female Bullock's Oriole:




From: kjw (Aug 01 2009, at 11:34)

Good work, Lee and Scott. I didn't take note of the beak, which would have ruled out the goldfinch. It does look pretty good for a female Bullock's. Thanks for the correction!


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