Today’s dinosaur is in the nicest room at The Tyrrell, a big softly-lit space filled elegantly with fossils ranging from big to huge. I didn’t manage a good general shot of the room, but this gives something of the feel.

Triceratops skeleton reflected in mirror at the Tyrrell

Triceratops has always been my favorite dinosaur, since I was a little boy. What’s yours?


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From: BWJones (Jul 16 2009, at 22:43)

That is a rather sizable fish skeleton on the back wall behind the (yes, my favorite) triceratops.


From: Kevin Lipe (Jul 17 2009, at 00:13)

For several years after I read/saw Jurassic Park I would've said velociraptors were my favorite dinosaurs, but that turned out to be a CGI-inspired phase.

Stegosaurus for the win.


From: Eddie W. (Jul 17 2009, at 05:53)

Stegosaurus! He had so many interesting facets to him... the spikes on the tail and the plates on the back were fascinating to me.

Not to say there's anything wrong Triceratops, I think he was second favorite.


From: Mike (Jul 17 2009, at 07:03)



From: BWJones (Jul 17 2009, at 13:48)

The funny thing with the movie Jurassic Park was that they Hollywooded up the velociraptors and made them bigger in production. By the time the movie was released however, real velociraptors the size of the ones in the movie were discovered here in Utah.


From: Rob (Jul 19 2009, at 09:51)

I could never decide if the Burgess Shale room (I am fascinated by the Burgess Shale), or the underwater room with the gigantic Ichthyosaurs(sp?) was my favourite. Pretty good hike behind the museum too, if you have the time.

Tim, you should have let me know you were going, my niece and her husband operate the best hotel in town. I hope you took the ferry at some point, it is a lovely little thing.


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