Week ending Sunday 2009/03/15

Monday 9:48 · Dear Internet: Too busy 2day 2talk. A demain. [Original.]

Tuesday 8:32 · Important: Why rich clients are losing: www.1060.org/blogxter/entry?publicid=CB39BCCEF4A2F9223231E4A1149A014C [Original.]

Tuesday 23:21 · Alternating wiki editing & Ruby bridge-building for about 72 hours now with brief sleep breaks. Brain squirming like a toad but not a killer [Original.]

Tuesday 23:23 · Seems Twitter is still there even when I ignore it for several days. Thought-provoking. Insufficiently forceful solipsism? [Original.]

Wednesday 0:47 · @MayorGregor Wow, they'll make time for *music* in among the incessant lame-ass jabbering? Pick something really Vancouver. [Original, responding to @MayorGregor.]

Wednesday 0:54 · Crocus weather: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2009/03/11/Crocus-Sequence [Original.]

Wednesday 9:55 · Mailbox bulging with price cuts and 2-for-1 offers from conferences. How was ETech attendance, btw? Couldn't go this year :( [Original.]

Wednesday 11:42 · OSCON paper accepted. Groovy. [Original.]

Thursday 10:08 · We've been great together, Verdana, but we've grown apart. [Original.]

Thursday 10:10 · Congrats to @snoopdave on the new gig: rollerweblogger.org/roller/entry/joining_ibm [Original.]

Thursday 12:27 · Man, the smartphone market is an interesting place: blogs.eweek.com/applewatch/content/iphone/apple_smartphone_ranking_declines.html [Original.]

Thursday 15:38 · @duncan I have observed that when a speaker is actually delivering value, people look up and focus, away from what's on their desk/lap. [Original, responding to @duncan.]

Thursday 15:39 · @duncan Just because you've climbed up on stage doesn't mean you've owed the audience's attention. You have to *earn* it. [Original, responding to @duncan.]

Friday 0:00 · @chadfowler My wife hates celery. I fail to understand how anyone could care, one way or another. [Original, responding to @chadfowler.]

Friday 0:02 · I'm starting to hate the drop-shadows I use in conference slides for screenshots. But removing them looks amateurish somehow. Sigh. [Original.]

Friday 16:16 · Sam Ruby, HTML Evolution. Eventually we won't be able to ignore this melodrama: intertwingly.net/stories/2009/03/13/html5-evolution.html [Original.]

Friday 19:20 · If you get a channel with the Brier (Canadian men's curling championship), a hell of a Martin/Howard playoff going on. [Original.]

Saturday 15:09 · Eek, doubleTwist doesn't preserve artist/album information when it puts music on the Android. fail fail FAIL. [Original.]

Saturday 23:06 · Just saw Rigoletto @ VancOpera. Hell of a production. Eglise Gutierrez, what a voice. Big Act3 quartet totally brought the house down. [Original.]

Saturday 23:31 · Apple π day: picasaweb.google.com/sdloveless/Pi_day#5313165090714792338 [Original.]

Sunday 12:26 · Prediction: This trend of releasing music or books as iPhone apps is the beginning of something big. [Original.]

Sunday 13:12 · Trust me. If you've never seen a video of slug sex, you really need to: grahamglass.blogs.com/main/2009/03/beautiful-slug-sex.html [Original.]

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