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C1 in NY · Com­mu­ni­tyOne, that is. Just a few weeks from now: March 18th and 19th in Man­hat­tan. I’ll be there talk­ing about my An­droid work, and I’m al­so work­ing very in­tense­ly on some oth­er things we may, with luck, show the world. The pro­gram looks gen­uine­ly in­ter­est­ing; I’ll be there all day to take it in.
[Up­date: Oh hey, as Si­mon points out, it’s free.]

Serious Syndication · This was turned up by Aaron Swartz: The hundreds-of-billion-dollars-big glob of US stim­u­lus leg­is­la­tion im­pos­es a bunch of guide­lines on re­cip­i­ents, which seems sen­si­ble. Espe­cial­ly sen­si­ble is the one say­ing that those re­ceiv­ing the fund­ing have to do sub­stan­tial re­port­ing, and that the key re­port­ing da­ta be avail­able in a syn­di­ca­tion feed, and I quote: “preferred: Atom 1.0, ac­cept­able: RSS”. I can’t think of any­thing to ad­d.
Un-Flash · Believe it or not, I didn’t know about Flash-blocking un­til re­cent­ly. If you’re Fire­foxy, you need FlashBlock. Sa­fari­ers want click­toflash. I’m one of the few, the proud, the Camino user­s; for us it’s just a tick-box in the stan­dard pref­er­ences. (And what is this “IE” of which you speak?) It’s amaz­ing, first of al­l, how many lit­tle gobs of Ph­lash Ph­legm there are all over com­mer­cial pages, and sec­ond, how much lighter-weight the whole brows­ing ex­pe­ri­ence is when you just Turn ’Em All Of­f ...
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