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JMMMDD · That stands for Java Mobile, Media & Embedded Developer Days; it’s a conference we’re presenting week after next in Santa Clara. I’m obviously super-interested in mobile-device programming these days, and have always thought that JavaFX Mobile was the most interesting piece of the FX effort; I can’t wait to getting my hands on some hardware. Unfortunately I can’t make it to this one, but it looks like a good event.
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AD VIII: On Android Maps · [This is part of the Android Diary.] In particular, drawing and interacting on them. Herewith a very specialized set of notes that might be of interest to anyone programming to Android’s very attractive map API. I’ve learned a lot already, but I’ll try to keep this up-to-date as I become more conversant with the state of the art ...
On Gaza · This one contains relatively little of my own opinion, at least directly. I’ve been following the news fairly closely with a sort of sick fascination, and have built up an inventory of links to things I’ve read that struck me as smart or insightful; here it is ...
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