Being two photographs of cow hair. Live and on the cow I mean. Really.

These are at the in-laws’ farm in eastern Saskatchewan just before Christmas; they are Highland cattle and have been photographed here before. But at -31ºC or so and with a dusting of snow, I thought they looked compelling.

Highland cow hair
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Highland cow hair


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From: Jacek (Jan 05 2009, at 00:33)

Tim, very nice pictures! I can't decide if they look warm or freezing, it changes every moment I look... 8-)

It's been noted already in a comment that you seem to be using the "masculine ordinal indicator" º U+00BA instead of the degree sign ° U+00B0 or even the degree Celsius character ℃ U+2103. Is that intended, and if so, can you say why? You are one of those who know their Unicode.


From: Tim (Jan 05 2009, at 00:56)

Mea culpa: Because, when I press Option-0 on my keyboard, what looks like a degree glyph shows up on the screen. This is clearly a horrible OS X bug... I wonder where one would report it?

In the meantime, I'll try to figure out how to insert the right character.


From: Beth Macknik (Jan 05 2009, at 01:38)

You can report a bug to Apple at -- you just need to login with your Apple Developer Connection credentials. (The free ADC account is all you need.)


From: crayz (Jan 05 2009, at 02:12)

degree-sign on Macs has always been option-shift-8. I love special characters on Macs


From: Ed Davies (Jan 05 2009, at 04:26)

Ah, that's why people use º. Tim's not the only one, e.g.:


From: John Cowan (Jan 05 2009, at 07:44)

I'd guess that more people actually want the ordinal, particularly when typing Spanish. So it's more like "break into the keymap and fix it yourself."


From: Norbert (Jan 05 2009, at 08:25)

Mac OS X has a Keyboard Viewer, which shows the currently selected keyboard layout. Go to System Preferences → International → Input Menu, select “Keyboard Viewer” and “Show input menu in menu bar”, and open the Keyboard Viewer from the input menu. Play with the Shift and Option keys to see all available characters.

I don’t see any bug in offering the masculine ordinal indicator as option-O – it is derived from the letter O.


From: Joe Pallas (Jan 05 2009, at 11:55)

Don't blame the OS, blame the font. In Monaco, for example, you would have seen a clear difference between option-0 and option-shift-8.


From: Paul Boddie (Jan 06 2009, at 11:16)

I wonder if a Mac keyboard layout or font was responsible for this packaging fault:

Perhaps with some special non-breaking space characters and someone doing a "replace with ?" on Unicode characters their software didn't understand.


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