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On Regulation · Speak­ing from mid­dle of the fi­nan­cial stor­m, voic­es are raised blam­ing the tu­mult on the spec­u­la­tors, on the banks, on the hedgies, on the short­s, on the Repub­li­can­s, on the rat­ings agen­cies, on the Democrats’ Com­mu­ni­ty Rein­vest­ment Ac­t, on CDO’s and CDS’s, on peo­ple buy­ing hous­es above their sta­tion, you name it. This is all at one lev­el right, but that lev­el doesn’t mat­ter. The sys­tem, by def­i­ni­tion, will al­ways con­tain a mea­sure of knaves and fool­s, be­cause it’s pop­u­lat­ed by in­stances of ho­mo sapi­ens. Thus, it has to be reg­u­lat­ed to keep it run­ning. Thus, the cur­rent melt­down is a fail­ure of reg­u­la­tion and noth­ing else. The long term so­lu­tion has to be about reg­u­la­tion too ...
Twittery · Last night, af­ter the Cana­di­an elec­tion par­ty leaders’ de­bate, the anal­y­sis had a sec­tion where they graphed Twit­ter re­spons­es to var­i­ous ver­bal sal­lies and bons mots. In­no­va­tive and use­ful I thought; ad­mit­ted­ly a bit left-leaning, if on­ly be­cause smart well-connected young peo­ple tend to lean left. Then when I got to work this morn­ing, some­one sent me a point­er to Charles Arthur’s What ef­fect will the fi­nan­cial cri­sis have on the tech sec­tor? in The Guardian; it quotes my Twit­ter stream, twice. Once again, the spec­trum of hu­man com­mu­ni­ca­tion shifts per­cep­ti­bly.
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