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The Summit · I attended about half of the the JVM Language Summit, from Wednesday through Friday at Sun’s Santa Clara campus. I’m not really an expert on the deep nuances of JVM constructs like call sites and permgen and classloaders and so on, but still, I’m sorry I missed some. There were 70 or so people there, mostly way smarter than me. Herewith impressions and pictures.
[Update: See also write-ups from Ted Leung, Cliff Click, and John Rose.]
Rules · Business failure is much in the news. I have personal experience, having on a few occasions been in the management of a hard-pressed company that needed money to stay afloat. I learned the Golden Rule: He Who Has The Gold Makes the Rules. I’ve also been there advising people trying to deploy money to save a troubled business. I learned something else: making good rules is hard.
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