Recently, I was asked for feedback on some technology being built inside Sun which was said to rely on “Atom Pub/Sub”. In related confusing news, more than one big company has talked about “Rolling out APP”. Branding matters. So we took it up on the Atom Protocol mailing list and, for what it’s worth, the community of implementors has agreed that we’re all going to refer to the protocol specified in RFC 5023 as “AtomPub” and nothing else. Please co-operate.

Next, we need a logo. Might Google or Microsoft, who are taking the lead in rolling out AtomPub-based services, be willing to dedicate some design talent to a candidate or two? Do any indie hackers with graphics skills want to play?


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From: Michael R. Bernstein (Jul 19 2008, at 09:37)

I guarantee that there are independent designers who would want to play. Most of the competent ones are going to want some ground rules so they know they aren't wasting their time.

Most important of these is "Who chooses the winner, and how?".


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