I like mornings. Especially bright ones on foot in the city. People are up and about for a reason; it’s easy to believe the world is on the whole is a well-organized purposeful kind of place.

Bee at breakfast

I smile particularly when I walk past a restaurant or other storefront and they’re outside washing the big windows. Glass in a city gets cruddy fast, and the window-washers are a daily battalion of shock troops in our doomed but admirable struggle against entropy generally. People who ten hours later pause hungrily by the windowgleam to consider the menu, they never think about the minion in the morning light with the bucket and rubber blade on a pole.


And if they’re washing the windows in front, in the back you know they’re chopping and peeling and mixing and baking.


Driving can be good too (well, unless you’re going east) but it could be better. I like all kinds of music but when it’s morning and I’m behind the wheel of a car, all I want to hear is rock & roll, hard fast and loud. I could put a CD in but it’d be nice to be surprised. Sadly, the rock stations don’t play much music in the commute window, that’s their prime slot for ads and then they seem to think the people in cars want airhead DJ banter, mostly.

Hmph, this is a big-government country with an intrusive broadcast regulator that oversees radio formats. Clearly they’re doing something wrong. I’m a taxpayer and I want some damn enforcement; compulsory morning rock & roll please.


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From: Edward Ocampo-Gooding (Jul 04 2008, at 05:47)

You want CBC Radio 3.

(Unfortunately, only available through Sirius Satellite radio or via podcast.)


From: Rob (Jul 04 2008, at 07:03)

Tim, I always love reading your blog for the amount of colour that I see on it. It's a refreshing break from other blogs, which are mostly just text.


From: len (Jul 07 2008, at 07:48)

"...it’s easy to believe the world is on the whole is a well-organized purposeful kind of place"

Then the marketing group comes to fix the design. :-)

Music: I spent the holiday dubbing/scrubbing from my very large vinyl collection onto CD. The Inner Hippie Series from Vinyl Pirates ("We Only Steal From Ourselves") is now into four volumes, (Vol I, The Innocent Years, Vol II - Hippies Smokin', Vol III - Scattered Hippies, Vol IV - Hippies With Horses). Most of the selections are the album filler that didn't make it to the radio but are otherwise brilliant works.

By taking songs in random order and tastes, it turns into 1960s Top Forty format when only the top 10% made it to the recording session because it was expensive to record and the winnowing to the radio was severe but because it really was Top of the Pops it was all good.

It turns out we probably already own all the good music we are likely to have. The Inner Hippie series is mellow enough to put one in a coma, and that is exactly where I need to be on mornings when marketing comes to design.


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