This marketing move is why the Sun/MySQL deal made sense; it’s all about marketing and selling. Frankly, in most respects, a technology comparison of MySQL and any old commercial database package is kind of boring; which makes pricing and delivery really important. John Clingan highlights this nicely in Save big bucks with GlassFish & MySQL Unlimited. He includes an obvious link to the Oracle pricing news, but I think Bryan Cantrill’s four-year-old The Economics of Software is relevant, too.


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From: Dustin Whitney (Jun 27 2008, at 13:48)

I have been an avid user of MySQL for a long time, before it even had support for transactions, subselects, and stored procedures. The only reason I used it was because it was free and open source, which are two things I can get behind. Now you can't download the source code for Enterprise MySQL. The *ONLY* reason MySQL is a success is because it was open source. Why in God's name would you change that? With the ORM frameworks out there, why should I even stick with MySQL? Postgres is still free and open, and it's looking more and more attractive everyday!


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