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John Hopkinson · This friend of mine is looking for a job, and since he’s got a fairly special skillset I thought it’d be worth highlighting him here. He’s a long-time veteran of security technology (starting in the British military) and more recently a really accomplished standards warrior. I got to watch John work in the context of the recent OOXML process, including the BRM in Geneva, where he was one of the most effective operators. He knows ISO process and politics comprehensively. Seems to me that at this point in history the combination of security and standards expertise ought to be real interesting to someone out there. If that might be you, contact me by email and I’ll put you in touch.
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Mike vs. Dave · This is gripping stuff. Today, Sun’s chief counsel Mike Dillon blogged a blow-by-blow report on our in-progress litigation with NetApp. The story of the case is pretty interesting, but the fact that a major corporation’s Chief Counsel is blogging it in real-time is ground-breaking, I think. Just as interesting is the only-slightly-redacted declaration by NetApp’s Dave Hitz (PDF), filed in the case, that Mike linked to. It’s a remarkably unvarnished take on the issues facing closed-source vendors with a portfolio of software patents in the era of Open Source. Wow.
New TLD Fun · I’m not sure whether this free-TLD idea is a good or bad thing in the big picture, but you can have some idle fun thinking ’em up; it’s almost poetic:
.geek, .nerd, .aspergers
.vancouver, .condo, .rain
.dot, .sun, .web
.pr, .fanboy, .whore
.plane, .train, .auto
.good, .bad, .fail
.pwns, .sucks., .rocks
.rock, .jazz, .blues
.mojo, .mofo, .homo
.school, .college, .job
.nba, .epl, .afl
.bondage, .discipline, .spanking
.fast, .slow, .stop
.beginning, .middle, .end

RotD: Yellow Rugosa · Today’s rose is awfully pretty, and is accompanied by amusing erudition-soaked dialogue. Rugosa is a rose species and “yellow” is self-explanatory. But the combination is rare ...
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