Photographic sketches, I mean. Earlier this month, Eve and Eli were up from Seattle to visit and after dinner, we all dropped by the Kino Café to take in the flamenco. It was passionate and sexy and fun.

There was almost no stage lighting, and what there was in vivid reds and yellows; I pushed the Pentax/Sigma combo to the max, but it was tough.

There were four performers. The woman on the left was the flashier dancer, the white-haired fellow was a fine singer and still had a couple of moves left, and the guitar sounded as big as an orchestra.

Flamenco ensemble at Vancouver’s Kino Café
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Flamenco ensemble at Vancouver’s Kino Café

But it was the other woman, something about her face, I just couldn’t take my eyes off it, beautiful yes, but so alive and engaged and in the moment.

The black-and white was an irritated reaction at my inability to colour-correct the seriously-unexposed picture, but then I started to like it. There are a couple in colour, one of the gentleman performer, and one of the dance solo. Not good pictures as such, but quite suggestive of what being there looked like.

Flamenco ensemble at Vancouver’s Kino Café
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Flamenco ensemble at Vancouver’s Kino Café

The Kino ain’t fancy at all but it’s nice and friendly and the food and drink are just fine.

Oh, and Flamenco Sketches is the title of a really lovely tune, in a Spanish feel, on Miles Davis’ epochal Kind of Blue.


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From: Rob Breidecker (Jun 09 2008, at 05:28)

I love flamenco music, but don't know much about which artists and albums are considered to be the classics. Any suggestions for ongoing readers?


From: Rob (Jun 10 2008, at 18:10)

And here I was looking forward to some crazy Flamingo Pornography. Found the glasses. Disappointed sigh.

Hey Tim, you ever get aholt of some hot home-made Flamingo Pornography, let me know, ok?

(And the B&Ws look just great. But me, I love B&W.)


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