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Everything On-Line? · Recently I read The Rebellion Within by Lawrence Wright, a long, erudite, immensely informative New Yorker piece about the internal dynamics of Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic Jihad: Who are these people, anyhow, where did they come from, and where are they going? I entirely recommend it. There’s a problem, though: I read it on-line ...
WF2: Start Your Engines! · [This is part of the Wide Finder 2 series.] I have now done the first “official” run of the naive Ruby implementation of the benchmark. There is some discussion of the code here. The benchmark is described, and the naive Ruby code provided, here. I’ve started a results page here. There are already ten eleven other people now with accounts on the Wide Finder machine, and I know there’ve been results that are hugely better than this first cut. Read on for a couple of notes on this first run ...
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