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Enterprisey Goodness · I tend to lik­ing sim­ple things, and to sus­pi­cion of big “enterprisey” soft­ware frame­work­s. I am dim­ly aware that up in the clouds there are plat­forms built on plat­forms built on plat­forms built on Java, tow­er­ing ed­i­fices where acronyms like “JBI” and “ESB” and “SCA” live. Ex­cept for, I could nev­er fig­ure out what they ac­tu­al­ly, you know, did. Let’s be hon­est; the com­plex­i­ty and the high-level arm-waving about “Integration” scared me away and I nev­er re­al­ly tried. Wel­l, I’ve stum­bled in­to a clos­er look and am be­gin­ning to think there’s some there there ...
Other Diddleys · Gosh, Bo Did­dley’s gone. Which in­stant­ly reaf­firmed one In­ter­net lesson: if you want to boost the pop­u­lar­i­ty of your YouTube videos, die. My two fa­vorites (via Twit­ter to­day): Mon­a, with Tom Pet­ty (lis­ten to Bo’s gui­tar) and then this an­cient B&W TV shoot with a young Bo and lots of scream­ing Six­ties girl­s. But man, I love that rhyth­m, and lots of oth­er peo­ple have played it well ...
WF2: People At Work · [This is part of the Wide Fin­der 2 se­ries.] I’m hap­py to re­port that I’ve giv­en out a bunch of ac­counts on the Wide Fin­der 2 ma­chine. I’ll ag­gre­gate links to others’ work in this en­try ...
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