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Enterprisey Goodness · I tend to liking simple things, and to suspicion of big “enterprisey” software frameworks. I am dimly aware that up in the clouds there are platforms built on platforms built on platforms built on Java, towering edifices where acronyms like “JBI” and “ESB” and “SCA” live. Except for, I could never figure out what they actually, you know, did. Let’s be honest; the complexity and the high-level arm-waving about “Integration” scared me away and I never really tried. Well, I’ve stumbled into a closer look and am beginning to think there’s some there there ...
Other Diddleys · Gosh, Bo Diddley’s gone. Which instantly reaffirmed one Internet lesson: if you want to boost the popularity of your YouTube videos, die. My two favorites (via Twitter today): Mona, with Tom Petty (listen to Bo’s guitar) and then this ancient B&W TV shoot with a young Bo and lots of screaming Sixties girls. But man, I love that rhythm, and lots of other people have played it well ...
WF2: People At Work · [This is part of the Wide Finder 2 series.] I’m happy to report that I’ve given out a bunch of accounts on the Wide Finder 2 machine. I’ll aggregate links to others’ work in this entry ...
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