I’ve run a few pictures of these over the years, repeatedly mislabeling them as California poppies, and each time been corrected by better-educated readers; it’s an Iceland poppy.

Icelandic poppy blossom

Wherever they’re from, that colour, how could you not love ’em?


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From: Alex Waterhouse-Hayward (May 15 2008, at 20:09)

In Vancouver it is sometimes easy to ID plants by thinking how old the house is and what are the plants that seem to grow, almost as weeds, in these areas. There is an orange azalea (recently promoted to be a rhododendron) called Rhododendron 'Hotspur'. When a garden in my area was going to be plowed over I "inherited it" into my garden and kept it until I realize it smelled like a skunk. I gave it away. Once you know this and you happen to see a decidious orange azalea in our area (the west side) you will come to the conclusion that local nurseries sold it for some years.

The "weed" I found in our garden when we moved in in 1986 was Meconopsis cambrica or Welsh Poppy. My guess is that the poppy in your garden would be the same one. I wrote about it here:


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