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CommunityOne! · I haven’t been re­al­ly that in­volved in the work on Com­mu­ni­tyOne, al­though I’m MC’ing a Ru­by pan­el. But just now I was pok­ing around the sched­ule [PDF; bad, bad Com­mu­ni­tyOne!] and holy cow, this is turn­ing in­to one heavy­weight geek-fest. Whether your jones is for for Free Cul­ture or Sub­ver­sion or Vir­tu­al­iza­tion or alt-JVM lan­guages or many-core pain or Ubun­tu news or Post­greSQL, this is the place. And al­so it’s free. If you’re a Bay Area geek or a JavaOne at­tendee you’d be nuts not to spend May 5 at the Moscone.
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Facebook? · I’ve giv­en five pub­lic talks in the last two weeks and in sev­er­al of them I’ve done a pol­l: “How many peo­ple here were ac­tive on Face­book six months ago? Please keep your hands up for a mo­men­t... of those, how many still are?” Not many hands stay up. Mind you, these au­di­ences are most­ly grown-up.
Raconteurs Live · Sun­day night (yes, that’d be 4/20, which the band not­ed to gen­er­al snick­er­s), we took in The Ra­con­teurs at Vancouver’s ex­cel­lent Com­modore Ball­room. It was nice to get out for an evening of rock & rol­l, and there are some great songs, but my feel­ings were mixed ...
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