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Early Spring · I fi­nal­ly got around to un­load­ing the mem­o­ry card from the pock­et cam and gosh, were there ev­er a lot of gar­den shots on it. Hey, Spring is hap­pen­ing, which means these pages will be flower-infested for some weeks now. If you like flow­ers at al­l, you’ll prob­a­bly agree that the lit­tle Ri­coh has a gift for ’em ...
History · No­body can re­sist the force of a Sil­ly In­ter­net Me­me. “Mom, Mark made me do it.” ...
ISO Fantasy · There has been much re­joic­ing re­cent­ly at the pro­cess where­by, ap­par­ent­ly, an ISO com­mit­tee takes full con­trol of OOXML. But you know, that sto­ry is en­tire­ly ir­rel­e­van­t. It will have no ef­fect on what im­ple­men­tors of OOXML, in­clud­ing Mi­crosoft, should or will ac­tu­al­ly do. The story’s end­ing will I think be most­ly tawdry. Oh, and I have some OOXML news that I think is im­por­tan­t, but that I don’t think any­one else has re­port­ed ...
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