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Memories · I’ve got this new Mac Pro, and the 2G it came with just isn’t go­ing to do the trick. Last week, both Lau­ren and I were in the Val­ley, at dif­fer­ent Sun meet­ings. So one lunchtime, we snuck away to geek-shop. I picked up 4G of high-performance RAM at S.A. Tech­nolo­gies, a lit­tle mem­o­ry spe­cial­ist that I to­tal­ly rec­om­mend, their prices are pret­ty hard to beat. It cost about $360 in­clud­ing tax. On the way back, we stopped at a big tech em­po­ri­um for some oth­er odds and end­s, and at the check­out they were ad­ver­tis­ing high-capacity USB disks for not much; Lau­ren picked up 8G for $29.99. That’s quite a pric­ing spread.
Tibet and Twitter · On the plane home from San Fran­cis­co, I was sit­ting among a bunch of Ti­betans who’d been down from Van­cou­ver for the big protests around the Olympic Torch re­lay. I was hon­oured to be with them. The day be­fore, I’d been fol­low­ing the ac­tion most­ly on Twit­ter: check out @teamti­bet, where they were help­ing or­ga­nize the protest­s. Twit­ter, it’s an activist’s dream. But I couldn’t find on­line video or pho­tos of Ma­jo­ra Carter car­ry­ing the torch and the Ti­betan flag. Oh, and Chi­na, here’s a re­al­i­ty we honkies in­ter­nal­ized way back when: Im­pe­ri­al­is­m, it can do won­ders for your com­mer­cial po­si­tion and in dis­tract­ing the cit­i­zens from the regime’s do­mes­tic fail­ings. But on the oth­er hand, the bad PR is just nev­er gonna go away. So, you want the up­side, you just got­ta suck it up and deal with the im­age dam­age. Public whin­ing ill-suits a wannabe im­pe­ri­al pow­er.
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