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Scoring OOXML · I know a lot of peo­ple are in­ter­est­ed in the OOXML pro­cess. As a guide for spec­ta­tors, here are the facts about vot­ing, to help you in mak­ing your own use­less pre­dic­tion­s ...
Maui Bound · I’m off with the fam­i­ly to­mor­row for ten days in Maui, 15th through the 24th. We’ll be meet­ing an Aussie friend. Any­one else I know who’ll be there, drop me a line and we’ll get to­geth­er for a Mai Tai.
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Service in 2008 · What hap­pened was, I want­ed to buy a Ri­coh GX00 and, in North Amer­i­ca, there’s on­ly one place to do that: Ado­ra­ma (got­ta love that name), a New York cam­era store with on­line pre­ten­sion­s. It didn’t work out well, but while we don’t know yet if the sto­ry has a hap­py end­ing, it cer­tain­ly has a sil­ver lin­ing ...
Time To Twitter · I spend quite a bit of time talk­ing about leading-edge Web stuff to main­stream En­ter­prise type­s. I have a well-polished ex­pla­na­tion for the rise of PHP and Rails and so on: Time To Mar­ket. Here’s the sound-bite: “If you and I have the same good idea for a community-based Web site on the same day, and mine is on the air in five months and yours in eight, then you’re dead. And it doesn’t mat­ter if yours is bet­ter, be­cause the com­mu­ni­ty has gathered.” Wel­l, Twit­ter would be the canon­i­cal ex­am­ple. They went with Rails be­cause it let them build fast; and they built fast. They suf­fered ter­ri­ble pain for months try­ing to take Rails places it’d nev­er been be­fore; but they fought through it and they’re in a very good place. Smart peo­ple tell me that Pownce and Jaiku are slick­er and bet­ter but who cares? Ap­par­ent­ly 140 char­ac­ter­s, dis­tribut­ed ap­pro­pri­ate­ly, gives you what you need.
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