Small, but good: Charley Parker, Bradley Burston, Paul Monday, and Alex Waterhouse-Hayward (again).

Charley Parker · He’s an artist I’ve long admired for the wonderful Argon Zark; and his blog lines and colors is a must-subscribe if you care about pretty pictures. Online art from someone new pretty well every day; not all will appeal to everyone, but a lot appeals to me.

Gaza · Have you noticed that it’s going really, really poorly? Ha’aretz’s excellent Bradley Burston offers Nine immoral solutions for Gaza - a guide.

Data · Paul Monday’s Why one bit matters isn’t actually about technology, it’s about why one person cares about technology. Boring storage technology.

Alex Again · Regular readers know that I’m a fan of Alex Waterhouse-Hayward. I’ve had long-stashed bookmarks for three pieces he wrote one after each other back in January that I keep failing to find a good context for. But they don’t really need it. I recommend these:

These days, when I publish pictures, I sometimes get emails from Alex showing me how I could have photoshopped them better. I smile every time.


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From: Other Mark (Mar 07 2008, at 09:03)

RE: Paul Monday’s Why one bit matters

That article really sums up why I have sat in more boring data standards meetings than I could ever count. Someday, it may all make a difference.


From: Daniel Haran (Mar 07 2008, at 09:21)

Re the Gaza article, this passage struck me as surprising:

"Seven years of rockets. Rockets launched toward civilian populations, schools, a college, rockets that slammed through private homes, children's bedrooms in the blue collar Israeli town of Sderot. More than a thousand rockets a year for seven years, directed at kibbutzim which for decades had supported an end to occupation and the rise of a Palestinian state."

Is this an accurate portrayal, and if so, what's up with that kind of strategy? Are the Hamas leadership completely clueless, or trying to provoke all-out war by alienating the most moderate elements of Israeli society?

Let me disclaim I don't know much about that part of the world; I really can't fathom the justification for using rockets on the people that want to give you a state.


From: David Smith (Mar 07 2008, at 10:25)

I enjoyed the links to "Asymptotes, Sine Waves, Bell Curves & Beverly D’Angelo" but thought that the "sine wave" connection had to be her Veronica Lake-ish hair...

Must be a generational thing.



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