Avis gave me one, and I liked it.

Nissan Altima Hybrid tail-light

It’s big, and while the lines are kind of boring, the trim and lights and so on are pretty cool. I drove three other guys to lunch; there was plenty of room and I got gratifying exclamations all around when I slotted the electrokey doohickey, pushed the button, and whispered out of the parking lot.

It kept up in the fast lane on 101 just fine, and had a pretty decent cockpit with a nice seat and radio and so on.

Anyhow, this big smooth coaster averaged just over 28mpg zipping around the Valley for a couple of days; not bad at all.


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From: Mark (Mar 07 2008, at 18:06)

I looked at the Altima Hybrid when I was looking at hybrids after my last car crash. It didn't qualify for a Google hybrid discount due to poor gas mileage. It also isn't available in my area of the United States. Apparently Nissan is just "testing the waters" in a few select states. Coincidentally, I got a regular Altima as a rental while I was looking, and I was sorry to learn that it drove like ass. Such a shame. Nissan is my favorite manufacturer after Saturn, and my old Altima was my favorite car ever.



From: Ed Davies (Mar 08 2008, at 02:59)

"averaged just over 28mpg zipping around the Valley for a couple of days; not bad at all."

That is humour, isn't it? OK, they're only tiddly little gallons and it's about town driving but still...


From: Robin (Mar 08 2008, at 11:30)

Huh? 28mpg is good?


From: Apolonia (Mar 14 2008, at 13:23)

I LOVE this car. I am averaging in the high 30s fuel economy, which is pretty damned good in the Bay area. The interior is roomy, and the BOSE sound system rocks! I wanted a hybrid to avoid the gas pumps and to eliminate the need for smog checks and I can't stand that cheese-wedge Prius. I wanted room for road trips and comfort for all passengersm and the Altima Hybrid is the answer. And, it is SO MUCH better looking than some of the other hybrids. The closest comparitor might be the boxier Accord?


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