Dear LazyWeb: I’m going to be in Geneva the week of February 25th attending that ISO meeting. The hotels seem mostly sold out and what’s left is 300CHF and up. I hear that there are appealing places across the border in France and that transit is straightforward. Would anyone have good advice on the matter?
[Next day]: Dear LazyWeb, thank you. Owen’s suggestion that I check out got me a decent rate at Hôtel-les-Nations, which is a nice-looking place.


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From: PA (Jan 31 2008, at 23:39)

Not sure about hotel accommodations in nearby France, but... if you like red meat... try the "Relais de L'Entrecôte", 49 Rue du Rhône... very nice indeed :)


From: Inigo (Feb 01 2008, at 00:58)

I can't offer any advice about France, but I (and at least some other NB members) will be staying at the Grand Pré hotel:

It still has rooms, and it's 176 CHF/night via


From: Stephanie Booth (Feb 01 2008, at 01:11)

I can't really help you with France, but did you check out which has a bunch of hotels listed? Otherwise, you could also check out a city like Nyon which is just a few minutes away from GVA by train.


From: Jacek (Feb 01 2008, at 01:22)

Hi, also not sure about near France, but check out and if you speak German, for apparently lower prices in Geneva.


From: Giacomo Sacchetti (Feb 01 2008, at 01:29)

I suggest you to look for a hostel in Ferney-Voltaire, France. It's the place better connected by bus to Geneva.


From: Ian Prince (Feb 01 2008, at 01:42)


the St-Gervais is a cheap & cheerful, clean, no-frills hotel bang in the center of town. I've just booked myself in for next week. It seems they still have rooms for the dates you're looking at.




From: Marco (Feb 01 2008, at 01:47)

I agree that the French countryside is probably an easier place to find accommodation.

CERN provides a list of reasonably priced hotels in the neighborhoods (mostly in France):

The region is beautiful and I strongly suggest you (and your readers) to take your time and visit CERN the LHC... it's just amazing!

In the meantime, readers, just give a look to which is simply the first web site in human history.


From: Paul Boddie (Feb 01 2008, at 06:00)

I don't know if public transport into France has improved since I lived there, but I could imagine that Ferney-Voltaire could be a reasonable place to start looking. See CERN's list of French hotels for some ideas:

The airport has some information on hotels:

And the "French sector" information links to various maps showing where things are:

Bon voyage!


From: Daniel Veillard (Feb 01 2008, at 06:23)

Hi Tim,

well it's a bit far away, but you can

get hotels in Annemasse (or Ambilly)

and then take the Tramway from the

Moellesullaz border to the center

(at least up to geneva main train station

it's 20mn). Geneva taxis are used to cross

the border (and Genevian sp? commonly go shopping in France).

Maybe an hotel on the other side of the

lake (close to CERN) would be more

convenient since closer to the UN.

Oh, Geneva is expensive ...



From: David (Feb 01 2008, at 07:06)

I used to live in St. Genis Pouilly right across the border in France which had pretty cheap airport-style hotels as you entered town from the Geneva side. My memory is that outside of rush hour, it's a 20 minute drive down into the city.

Also check whether there's a reasonable hotel on the French side by the airport. That would probably be listed in the town of Ferney Voltaire which would be a shorter trip into town.


From: Owen (Feb 01 2008, at 07:48)

Hi there,

I recently moved back from Geneva and the following occur to me.

This site always fond me rooms in Geneva: and appears to have a number of sub 300chf rooms for that week (assuming 25-29 feb). I recommend the Drake Longchamps as most rooms have a kitchinette to allow you to do a little cooking or at least have a fridge etc.

In France across the border I have stayed at the Geneva Airport Holiday Inn which is actually in France but runs a shuttle to the airport, from where you can get into the town, but this will be a bit of a hassle. Other than that you could looki in Ferney Voltaire (a town across the border but closer to Geneva) but not sure of the hotels there but there is at least a bus to get you to to Gemneva direct.

I've also met a few of the folks at the Sun office in Geneva, lovely people who may be able to help you out.

Good luck!


From: Archie (Feb 01 2008, at 12:27)

I've stayed a number of times at the Citadines in Ferney-Voltaire. It's a block from the bus route to Place Nation and the center of Geneva (at Place Cornavin). Citadines is a chain of apartment hotels - clean, friendly, good English but not necessarily luxurious.


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