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Formerly a BlackBox · I’m talk­ing about the Sun Mo­du­lar Dat­a­cen­ter S20, now ship­ping (and, judg­ing by what I hear on my field trip­s, sell­ing sur­pris­ing­ly well). You’re won­der­ing about “S20”? Wel­l, a glance at some con­tain­er facts might lead you to ex­pect an S40 or S45 in the fu­ture. I don’t know, the amount of com­pute pow­er you can get in an S20 is al­ready pret­ty mind-boggling. I note that the prod­uct page, ap­pro­pri­ate­ly post­mod­ern, links to Black­Box blogs, but un­sur­pris­ing­ly not to mine, prob­a­bly the most-read on the sub­ject due to the mini-scandal over my egre­gious­ly bad lan­guage (and I have to say the com­ments on that one are ex­cel­lent) ...
Winter Magnolia · I’ve pho­tographed this mem­ber of the Plant King­dom any num­ber of times, even wear­ing snow. Those who feel this hap­pens too of­ten can have their mon­ey back ...
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