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Autotools 1, Tim 0 · I’m go­ing to do some more work on mod­_atom, but I have a prob­lem; it doesn’t work on Leop­ard. That’s OK, the Ape blows it up re­peat­ably, so should be no big­gie. Hm­m, ex­cept for apr_­glob­al_­mu­tex_cre­ate is act­ing weird, re­mov­ing the lock­file while fail­ing. Docs no help... OK, let’s look at the code. Urgh. Let’s use the de­bug­ger to see where it’s go­ing. Wel­l... that was a day and a half ago. Since then, been in a maze of twisty lit­tle pas­sages. I’m be­gin­ning to think that Bri­an McCal­lis­ter has a point in say­ing Au­to­tools are the Devil. I used to know how to com­pile C code, sigh.
[Up­date]: Hey, check out the follow-ups. I think this Open Source stuff is go­ing to catch on.
[A­gain]: Hah! Paul Querna’s sug­ges­tion not on­ly made the com­pi­la­tion prob­lems go away, the orig­i­nal bug van­ished too. You know, that Apache com­mu­ni­ty is first-rate.

The Ruby News · I keep putting off this Ru­by News Sur­vey piece be­cause there keeps be­ing more news, but hey, you have to pull the trig­ger some­time ...
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