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The OOXML News · I was re­al­ly wrong about the OOXML/ISO sto­ry; told ev­ery­one “It’ll sail through ISO, don’t both­er with the process.” Boy, was I wrong. At the mo­ment that pro­cess is hurtling to­ward the mildly-historic “Ballot Res­o­lu­tion Meeting” in Gene­va in Fe­bru­ary (read about it here and here). Any­how, all those tens of thou­sands of com­ments on the first draft, which were pre­vi­ous­ly in­vis­i­ble be­hind some ISO veil, are now out there for all to view, tag, hy­per­link, an­no­tate, and en­hance, at the un­of­fi­cial but ex­cel­lent DIS29500 Com­ments site (tagline: “Help the OOXML BRM con­cen­trate on is­sues of substance”). The per­son be­hind it seems to be Alan Bel­l, whom I don’t think I know, but the world owes him a vote of thanks. Ob­vi­ous­ly, this whole thing does re­tain a grimy side; see the ex­cel­lent Martin Bryan’s fairly-despondent Re­port on WG1 ac­tiv­i­ty for De­cem­ber 2007 Meet­ing of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34/WG1 in Ky­oto. Sigh. No­body ev­er said his­to­ry was clean.
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