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Twitter · It seems to be hav­ing a growth spurt. Every time I check my mail, there are a dozen “XXX is fol­low­ing you” mes­sages. My al­go­rithm is, I bring up their Twit­ter page and give it one glance and make a follow/no-follow de­ci­sion in about 0.5 sec­ond­s. Which prob­a­bly means there are in­ter­est­ing peo­ple I’m not fol­low­ing be­cause they weren’t in­ter­est­ing in that half-second. And I have more fol­low­ers than fol­lowees, which prob­a­bly makes me an ego­tis­ti­cal bas­tard. Oh well. I think Twit­ter is here to stay.
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