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Narita T2 ANA Lounge · If you trav­el a lot on Star Al­liance and you’re head­ing out of Nar­i­ta, I’d like to rec­om­mend the ANA Lounge in Nari­ta Ter­mi­nal 2, out at the far end around Gate 44. It’s one of the nicest I’ve seen any­where. They have lots of space, com­fy chairs, se­clud­ed cu­bi­cles if you need to buck­le down, de­cent WiFi al­beit with slow DNS, ex­cel­lent draught beer from a way-cool au­to­mat­ed pour­ing ma­chine, a se­lec­tion of fine sakes, veg­e­tar­i­an sushi, and—this is just be­yond brilliant—an Udon/So­ba bar where a cou­ple of wrin­kled old guys will fix you a bowl on de­mand. There are few items I can think of that are more proac­tive­ly ther­a­peu­tic against a 10+-hour flight than a bel­ly­full of light warm salty Ja­panese soup and noodles. If you’re feel­ing burned out and have four or five fine sakes that tends to coun­ter­act the ben­e­fits though. Hm­m­m, up­stairs there’s an ANA “First Class” fa­cil­i­ty I didn’t have suf­fi­cient sta­tus to get in­to. The mind bog­gles at the de­lights that must lie in­sid­e.
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Dirty Rainbow · I snagged the front cen­ter seat on the Nari­ta bus so I had a panoram­ic view for­ward; the haze of jet­lag and post-speech let­down was bit­ing hard as the Nis­san Diesel grum­bled up on­to the Rain­bow Bridge. The ar­chi­tec­tural mad­ness around Tokyo Bay soars white on cream on beige on black in the fil­tered sun against the shit-coloured Tokyo Novem­ber af­ter­noon sky and when you’re weak­ened you can kid your­self that it all fits to­geth­er and makes sense some­how, but it doesn’t. It can’t be pho­tographed and it can’t be de­scribed, you have to see it and you still won’t be­lieve it. It’s just crazy, that’s al­l.
Shinjuku Cameras · I didn’t have to take off for my first meet­ing till eleven, so I cruised in­to Shin­juku around 9:30 to see what I could do about the slow-camera prob­lem. Which turned out to be about per­fec­t, since it’s Yodabashi’s open­ing time; so I got a leisure­ly look at the stuff with help from the staff. I gath­er the nor­mal Yod­abashi ex­pe­ri­ence is wall-to-wall crush ...
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