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Bad Ruby · I en­joyed at­tend­ing RubyConf im­mense­ly, but I al­so re­gret­ted it. Not all is well in my per­son­al fa­vorite open-source com­mu­ni­ty. (This ar­ti­cle is full of com­plaints; for my love-letter on the same sub­ject see here.) [Ouch, check the com­ments. My po­si­tion on week­ends is, um, not uni­ver­sal­ly held.] ...
Good Ruby · I was at RubyConf ten days ago and just now catch­ing up, been over­load­ed. This was my sec­ond RubyConf and, like last time, I came away in­spired. This is an il­lus­trat­ed fan let­ter; but there are prob­lems in the com­mu­ni­ty and at the con­fer­ence; I’ve writ­ten about them sep­a­rate­ly ...
WF XIV: My Opinion · This is the four­teenth progress re­port from the Wide Fin­der Pro­ject. I still have a bunch of Wide Fin­ders to run, and for the time be­ing I’ll keep try­ing to run what peo­ple send me; we can’t have too much da­ta about this prob­lem. But some con­clu­sions are start­ing to look un­avoid­able to me ...
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