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Baby Hand Wine · I was car­ry­ing the girl, now near eigh­teen month­s, up­stairs for sto­ries and bed­time, jug­gling her, her milk, and the last glass of din­ner wine, a very de­cent Pen­folds Shiraz-Cab. She saw her chance when I had to free up one arm for a door; feint­ed left, squirmed right, plunged her hand all the way in­to the ru­by red, and beamed tri­umphant­ly. I’d just fin­ished wip­ing din­ner off it so with no hes­i­ta­tion I stuffed the wig­gly pink drip­ping fin­gers in­to my mouth. The wine tast­ed good off her warm skin, odd­ly dif­fer­ent but good. I rec­om­mend this.
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PyPy · Yes­ter­day I got a pitch from Lau­ra Creighton, Sa­muele Pe­droni (who’s ap­peared here be­fore) and the rest of the PyPy team ...
Record-Store Dharma · I used to vis­it mu­sic stores of­ten. There are few­er now, but the ones that have made it this far may sur­vive I think. The oth­er day we were on Hast­ings to vis­it Sophia Books, and on im­pulse I went two doors down to Sekora’s Clas­si­cal, and it’s prob­a­bly been a year, and what a shame. I hadn’t in­tend­ed to go shop but dropped $162 in about fif­teen min­utes ...
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Immediately Upcoming Gig · My col­league & bud­dy Bob Brewin has been yanked away from his sched­uled gig at Web 2.0 Ex­po Tokyo and I was strong­ly kind­ly re­quest­ed to fill in. So, I show up in Tokyo Tues­day af­ter­noon and come home Thurs­day sup­per­time. Oh joy. I like Tokyo but this is sub­op­ti­mal.
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