I haven’t been to China since the Nineties and that was Hong Kong, but I remembered the special Hong Kong light. There it was again in Shanghai, so maybe it’s Chinese light, or at least South Chinese.

Shanghai buildings against grey sky
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Shanghai buildings against grey sky

Shot out the window of a taxi into the front of an oncoming rainstorm. It was a pretty brutal storm and our drive out to Fudan University took us past two accidents, one nasty-looking. Dear Shanghai: Slow down and buckle up!


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From: FS (Oct 29 2007, at 13:13)

From Ghostwritten:

That Asian non-weather. I've forgotten. I already know the view: bare hillside, dulled by mist, and the lethargic sea.

I was wrong about the sky. It's not dreary white…. When you look you see ivory. You can see a glow, there, above the mountain where the sun polishes it pearly and wafer thin.

And the sea isn't blank; there are islands out there, right at the edge.

Soft brush strokes on a fresh scroll hanging in Mrs. Feng's room, four floors above us.


From: tin-chi (Oct 30 2007, at 04:42)

Wow. David Mitchell reads ongoing. Who would have guessed he was a geek ! I highly recommend his book Cloud Atlas.


From: Eddie (Oct 31 2007, at 21:56)

Tim, how are you (were you) handling the air pollution? When I was in Shanghai last year I would get frequent headaches.


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