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End of a Chapter · The Atom Pub­lish­ing Pro­to­col, RFC5023, has been pub­lished. The HTML is here, and there’s a Ja­panese trans­la­tion by Ya­mamo­to Yo­hei (who’s ap­peared in this space be­fore). The Work­ing Group has been closed. Good-bye. This piece is some­thing like the bor­ing bit at the end of a con­fer­ence where they say all the thank-yous, but I do have some news and rant­ing to spice things up ...
Missing in Shanghai · Wikipedia. BBC News. YouTube. Every­one on word­press.­com and on blogspot.­com. Plus, all feeds host­ed at FeedBurn­er (and that’s a lot of feed­s, in­clud­ing some pret­ty big-name blog­ger­s). Mind you, all this changes, some­times from week to week, they tell me. Stil­l, you have to feel sor­ry for Chi­nese knowl­edge work­er­s, fight­ing with one hand tied be­hind their back.
上海: Hidden Stories · I have a lot of pic­tures, but not so many word­s, from Shang­hai. I’m im­pressed but inar­tic­u­late be­cause af­ter four days on the ground, I’m most­ly mys­ti­fied. I’m old enough to have a few re­gret­s, and among the sharpest is that I’ve nev­er tak­en the trou­ble to be re­al­ly flu­ent in a lan­guage oth­er than English. In par­tic­u­lar, I am in awe of my col­leagues who switch back and forth be­tween Man­darin and English three times in a sen­tence. And ev­ery­where I look I see sto­ries I’ll nev­er know, be­cause, first of al­l, how could I ev­er get in­to a con­ver­sa­tion with the wom­an on the back of the bi­cy­cle be­hind the oth­er wom­an on the bi­cy­cle, both of them laugh­ing so hard they’re in dan­ger of swerv­ing in front of a BMW? And if I could, I wouldn’t un­der­stand the word­s. And if I did, I maybe still wouldn’t get the joke. And there are twen­ty mil­lion peo­ple here, that’s a lot of sto­ries ...
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