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5★♫: Brain Plays Mozart · Con­tin­u­ing the theme (from Au­gust, argh, maybe I don’t have a 5★ life) of mu­sic writ­ten by dead guys, and in this case al­so played by a dead guy. The dead com­pos­er is Mozart, the per­former Den­nis Brain. I re­fer to Brain’s 1955 record­ing of the Mozart horn con­cer­tos with the as­sis­tance of Von Kara­jan and the Phil­har­mo­nia Orches­tra. You al­ready know this mu­sic. You may not think so, but trust me, as soon as it starts play­ing you’ll think “Oh, yes”. I’m not sure whether it’s ev­ery­one ac­tu­al­ly hav­ing heard it, or whether Mozart tapped in­to some­thing so smooth, pol­ished, and el­e­men­tal as to con­vince us that we’re on fa­mil­iar and well-loved ter­ri­to­ry. No­body could call this ob­scure, it’s sold a kazil­lion copies; but per­haps not in re­cent decades. (“5★♫” se­ries in­tro­duc­tion here; with an ex­pla­na­tion of why the ti­tle may look bro­ken.) ...
Minneapolis OK · The flight down here, on a brand-new lit­tle Em­braer, was hor­rid. Min­neapo­lis was hav­ing weath­er is­sues and held us on the ground in Van­cou­ver, then we cir­cled our des­ti­na­tion for a half-hour. The pi­lot came on and said “Well, ladies and gen­tle­man — uh, hold on” (a minute’s si­lence) “I was about to tell you that we’d been di­vert­ed to Du­luth, but we just got clear­ance for Minnie”. He said it was a thousand-foot ceil­ing, but I think that was op­ti­mistic. Any­how, I thought I’d stick my head out of the ho­tel and see about din­ner and the ball game. Right across the street was the Town Hall Brew­ery, and I rec­om­mend it whole­heart­ed­ly. Lots of beer­s, but the first one tried, a sea­son­al Scot­tish Pale Ale (Scot­tish Pale Ale? Huh?) was so good that I stuck with it. The burg­er was com­pe­tent and the fries out­stand­ing, I mean re­al­ly great. Plus, they had com­fy chairs and so­fas set up in front of a big HDTV screen to watch the ball game. Friend­ly strangers to ar­gue with about Joe Borows­ki and Mike Tim­lin (who was pitch­ing for the Blue Jays when I was watch­ing them win the Series in ’92, he’s still throw­ing 93m­ph, yow). Town Hall is ten years old and I’d bet on ’em for the long haul.
WF X: The Parade Continues · This is the tenth progress re­port from the Wide Fin­der Pro­ject. What with Ve­gas and the Com­mies, I’m be­hind on a lot of things, in­clud­ing the Wide Fin­der. This is an­oth­er en­try just to note oth­er people’s work, which I re­al­ly ab­so­lute­ly will buck­le down and run on the big iron and re­port back and show­er praise on the good ones and de­ri­sion on the big miss­es ...
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