This goes back weeks and weeks; I’ve been wide-finding and doing Sun stuff and the Web-watching has suffered.

This Seems Odd · Microsoft evangelist highlights WordPerfect release. Let me repeat: Microsoft evangelist highlights WordPerfect release. Nope; could repeat it a half-dozen more times and I still wouldn’t get used to it.

Danger, Will Robinson · SOA puts the S in ESB.

What’s At the Center of Everything? · Well, if by “Everything” you mean the Web, and for professional purposes I often do, the answer is clear: Apache. I think Erik understates the case.

“Protocol” · Quoting from Astoria Design: payload formats: For the most part there is a single “protocol”, and by that I mean the set of HTTP headers for requests and responses, as well as the overall interaction model. What else could you possibly mean?

Plus, there are some smart things about Atom and APP.

Don’t Do That · Which is really Shorter Chad Fowler; the long version is The Big Rewrite, which ought to be read by everyone who does this for a living. I’ve been guilty, you’ve been guilty, we’ve all been guilty.

Eeeeeek! · Yes, you can use JSON for documents. But on the evidence, two tries aren’t enough. I mean, I think it’s a bad idea, but it seems like it shouldn’t have to be this ugly.

OSS · Which stands for One-Stop Shop of course; my employer has set one up for all things Scripting-related. This net is being cast fairly wide, obviously, and I’m hoping the trend starts being reflected internally; it should be no surprise that our dynamic-language related work is, at the moment, a fairly grassroots-y kind of thing; thus insanely efficient and agile. At some point, the costs and advantages of being a BigCo will swing into play.

We Already Knew That · That Software Is Hard. Otherwise, the pay would be lower, right? Seriously, while there’s nothing actually new in this piece, it’s a message that needs to be repeated, using fresh words if necessary, as often as necessary.


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From: Toby DiPasquale (Oct 04 2007, at 07:41)

The SOA/ESB link is 404'd.


From: Alastair (Oct 04 2007, at 08:30)

Seems the SOA link is invalid.

"Our apologies...

The page you requested cannot be displayed"


From: Tim (Oct 04 2007, at 09:51)

Uh, I just tried the IBM link from my browser and my feed reader, and it worked OK in both. A mystery is afoot?


From: Patrick Mueller (Oct 04 2007, at 10:33)

The SOA link, to Bobby Woolf's blog, is a blog hosted at IBM's developerWorks site. They just did some re-hosting of the servers; redirects are in place now, for me anyway. I suspect there was a window where the redirect didn't work, or the blogging engine was actually just down.


From: Alastair (Oct 04 2007, at 10:46)

Here's the Google cache from September 13th 2007.


The link most definitely does not work down here in Oklahoma.


From: len (Oct 04 2007, at 14:00)

As much as the uberGeeks may hate it, the new breed of RAD tools remove a lot of choice AND error by aggregation. Simplifying management of code construction goes a long way toward simplifying the code.


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