Brown and yellow, to be precise. Leaf and Volkswagen.

Autumn leaf on seventies yellow Volkswagen

One of those great old rounded Sixties non-beetle VWs.


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From: John Cowan (Sep 16 2007, at 14:48)

Something wrong with that story.

1973 was the first year that VW produced a non-Beetle car, the Dasher/Passat (basically a rebranded Audi). The Golf/Rabbit followed in 1974, and the Polo/Derby (also a rebranded Audi) in 1975.

There were, however, some style variations of the classic Beetle that jointly constituted the VW Type 3 (Type 2 was the VW bus) with notchback, hatchback, and fastback bodies: this could be one of those (there isn't enough visible to tell). See for details.


From: Andy (Sep 16 2007, at 23:25)

Since this internet thing is supposed to police itself, I must point out to John Cowan that any reasonable reading of the Wikipedia link he provided would fail to show that Type 3 VWs are Beetles, for any sense of the word "are."


From: David Smith (Sep 17 2007, at 09:14)

I mis-spent enough of the late '60s building Formula Vee racers to have been thoroughly marinated in Volkswagon lore - I agree that it took more than an air-cooled engine and torsion-bar suspension to make a Beetle. To the in-crowd at VOA the Beetle was the Type 1 only.


From: Alex Waterhouse-Hayward (Sep 17 2007, at 15:03)

I found this link that shows a non Beetle car. Note the where the gas entry flap is!

Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

I would tend to think that the bright yellow colour was a product of the 70s.


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