Today we have an aviatrix, a last message, a beautiful voice, and a set list.

Some pieces of historical linkage led me to the Wikipedia entry for Amelia Earhart, and her picture grabbed my eye and I blew it up, and I liked it so much that it’s been sitting in a browser tab for a week; if I publish it here it’ll show up from time to time over in the right margin. What a face.

Amelia Earhart

Via a recommendation from Simon Phipps, the music of Juana Molina. I’m going to have to get some. Check out the video; this is not just another pretty voice.

Now, let’s have some nice morbid fun. Over at the Blog of Death, the Final Farewell Contest; get your Last Words in by September 30th.

In the same vein, Kevin Chu has an exclusive preview of some Led Zeppelin Reunion Tour Song Changes; not to be missed.


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From: Mark (Sep 12 2007, at 22:39)

I once spent some time trying to identify the guy next to Amelia Earhart at about 0:38 in the Apple Think Different commercial, but came up blank. Earhart towers over him, but he's quite the dashing fashion plate. I wonder if there was a relationship there.


From: len bullard (Sep 13 2007, at 06:13)

Reminds me of Lauren. Just taller.

I don't know without seeing the commercial, but AE was married to George Palmer Putnam, a wealthy publisher and that may be the fashion plate. She flew that last flight with Fred Noonan (navigator).


From: Alex Waterhouse-Hayward (Sep 16 2007, at 19:56)

The neat photograph of Amelia only reminds me that we have eliminated the word aviatrix from the politically correct vocabulary. We can no longer say actress so we can no longer say aviatrix (female aviator is the correct term). This would probably mean female dominator is about to cast out dominatrix.

Alex Waterhouse-Hayward


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