The pictures here, in their inline form, are now all 400 pixels wide, not 300; I think that looks a lot better. Did resizing them all ever burn a lot of CPU. Also, the sidebar has been cleaned up, there’s a software link there that consolidates some bits of code I’ve emitted over the years; with a little homily in the first paragraph, even.

There are a bunch more little changes in the comment system and the page styles and so on queued up, waiting for cycles. Plus I spent a half-hour the other day watching my logfiles in real time, and spotted some damn puzzling evidence that’s going to need investigating.

Traffic is way up, that’s good I guess. Except for, the upstream flow is out of control. I’ve got a scary-long list of things I need to write about, professional and personal, including some big pieces, and there’s absolutely no point publishing more than two or three fragments a day here; I’d like it if people who have jobs and lives and so on could more or less keep up.

Plus I haven’t unloaded the little camera in weeks, and I know there’s some good stuff on there.

Plus, getting mod_atom to write HTML is a lot of unchallenging but time-consuming work. Plus I keep thinking of new things the Ape should test; but maybe there are enough implementations that we don’t need to keep polishing it?

Plus the autumn-through-spring conference and meeting grind is rushing toward me alarmingly fast.

Anyhow, I apologize in advance if it’s a little uneven and hurried around here.


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From: Andrew (Aug 28 2007, at 07:02)

The software bit is really helpful for me, if only as a place to tell people to find The Ape and mod-atom.

I think the picture resizing was a good call. I don't know exactly why, but they all seem to *flow* a little better.


From: Martin (Sep 04 2007, at 11:15)

Check out epeg for quick resizing; does not do the best job, but it is blazing fast for thumbnails, as it uses raw JPEG info rather than JPG->pix->resize->JPEG that PIL or Photoshop does.


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