We’re also visiting Lauren’s mom and her husband on their farm near Stockholm, Saskatchewan. People talk about doing “photo-walks” in glamorous urban locations; you’d have just as much fun touring around a nice piece of prairie.

Prairies, Eastern Saskatchewan
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Prairies, Eastern Saskatchewan
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Prairies, Eastern Saskatchewan

The essential things are the vegetation and the clouds, always.


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From: David Magda (Aug 25 2007, at 06:12)

A little while ago the CBC held a contest for the Seven Wonder of Canada, and one of the winners was the Prairie Sky.


From: ed nixon (Aug 25 2007, at 06:42)

These are very nice. As an ex-Saskatchewan... -ian? -ite? who has no family reason to return, I'm envious of your opportunity to see and capture these images.

Have you read Sharon Butala's book/memoir about her encounter with the land? Here's her wikipedia entry:


And have you seen Eric Fredine's work? He live in Edmonton and has, I suppose, a more formalistic view of things:


His "Prairie Waters" sequence is likely the most immediately appealing. But I think we natives will always see things others don't. No matter what.

In your next post, you mention colour spaces. Here are a few ideas (some you may already use, others not):

1. Shoot in RAW mode

2. Use ProPhoto profile in the transition from RAW to Photoshop (or one of those other new fangled photo, rather than digital imaging tools. :-)

3. Get a monitor profiling tool with software; profile once a week.

4. Explicitly convert finished images to sRGB (hamburger standards by concensus?) as you create your JPEG.

5. Only use Safari to look at your work because, to the best of my knowledge, it's the only browser that does anything with ICC profile info embedded in pictures.

6. You may think PNG is the way to go, but there are major complications / limitations with respect to profiles. (I leave it to you to Google it out.)

7. Curb your enthusiasm about the web as a photo gallery. I would imagine that the percentage of people who actually try to control the way their computers display things (or care) is less than single digit. It *is* discouraging.

Regards and thanks. ...edN

PS: I virtually never come back to comments so I don't see replies thereto. To me, comments seem like the broken part of the circle in the blogging miracle. If you have anything you're compelled to say, you will have to write:


Sorry about that.


From: Maureen (Aug 25 2007, at 15:30)

This pics are terrific; they look like paintings.


From: Jacek (Aug 26 2007, at 07:54)

Hi, is the vegetation in the foreground just grass or crops? See, I'm just wondering what prairies are, having never been in such a place, as far as I know. Is it just endless plains with nothing of interest in particular, except the endlessness and nothingness which can be quite appealing; or is it vast fields with harvests etc.?


From: Mark Szpakowski (Aug 27 2007, at 07:17)

The transcendent Jill Barber sings the heart of the prairies, one of Canada's Seven Wonders, in Saskatoon.


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